Public Faces Private Places: Portraits of Artists 1956-2008


Sandra Lousada grew up amidst a circle of actors, writers and artists living alongside the River Thames at Hammersmith. Through her grandfather, A.P. Herbert, her mother, the stage designer Jocelyn Herbert, and Jocelyn Herbert's partner, George Devine, founder of the Royal Court, she had privileged access to the worlds of literature, the arts, and the theatre. By the late 1950s she had begun to forge a language of her own, using the camera as her medium.

This book is a rare compilation of photographs, culled from a career spanning over half a century, capturing Lousada's insider view of figures such as Lawrence Olivier and Joan Plowright, Vanessa Redgrave, Julie Christie, Helen Mirren, Joanna Lumley and David Hockney as well as images from her glittering career as a fashion and beauty photographer working for magazines including Queen, Vogue, Tatler, and Harpers.

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